I am interested in the metaphysical and non-rational aspects of human experience, and in combining science, nature, spirituality and art. I desire to mimic transcendental awareness and evoke a visceral response through performance and interactive, ritualistic  theatrical practices, geometric forms, colour and sound.


The universe is made of energy, and visible light is the main modality through which we perceive and define physicality. I am captivated by the phenomenon of light itself, and by manipulating different sources of illumination in existing space, I seek to simulate hidden realities.  


In my practice, I experiment with the concept of multi-dimensionality, trying to capture metaphors or visualizations of higher dimensions and of the layers of human experience.


Contemporary science fiction is a core aesthetic in my work, as are the forms and shapes of Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometry-- human-made, linear, regularly ordered shapes versus the irregular, chaotic, dynamic forms of nature.


Much work has been inspired by a fascination with complexity and patterns of turbulence, the materiality of stone, and the art and atmosphere of ancient spiritual sites.

Following on from my Kundalini yoga training, a new body of work will be focusing on the idea of spiritual technologies, what they are and how they may work.

Electronic music is of special interest to me, both as a life-long fan, but also in as far as this style of music can elicit ecstatic, almost spiritual experiences, both on and off the dancefloor. New work will also encompass my own electronic music productions.